Meet the experts on multi-core development
EMCC - Embedded Multi-Core Conference
A special event on embedded multi-core technology for the automotive industry
MUNICH, 20-22 June, 2017

About the Embedded Multi-Core Conference

Automated Driving from level one to five. The “always connected” car. Electrification.
Such fundamental technological changes have a huge impact on the E/E architecture of future cars. High performance multi- and many-core processors will form the basis of embedded control units and enable a lot of new opportunities. But how can we develop innovative and comprehensive solutions, while current project challenges still exist?

That is why in 2015 the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) was established as a platform initiated “from the industry for the industry” featured by Elektrobit, Infineon, iSYSTEM, and Timing-Architects. At June 20th – 22nd 2017, we will meet for the 3rd time in Munich to share best practices, provide insights in new approaches, and commonly discuss how to realize the car of the future on a technical level.

Join us for three full days in a cooperative environment, listen to high-class speeches, participate at a technical multi-core workshop, and connect with thought leaders, architects, experts, and engineers facing equal project challenges on system- and ECU level.

Read here “how to speed up your automotive control unit”, describing the EMCC partners´ synchronized tool chain for efficient multi-core development:

Download Whitepaper as PDF

Why to attend the EMCC

The international conference “Embedded Multi-Core Systems” will bring together the multi-core community from along the value chain to elaborate single-core to multi-core migration methodologies, to give information about current trends and show how to exploit the most of next generation embedded multi-core systems:

  • New E/E Architecture: From traditional controllers to central computing clusters
  • AUTOSAR and Hypervisors in high-performance multi-core environment
  • Agile development and continuous integration in a multi-core context
  • System design and software integration with model-based tools for multi-core systems
  • Multi- and many core task deployment and scheduling
  • Evolving programming languages and guidelines for multi-core coding
  • Proof and validation of latency requirements and data-flow regarding event-chains
  • Debug and trace strategies for multi- and many-core systems

Speakers 2017

Meet the experts in multi-core development! Attending the EMCC 2017 you will be looking forward to meeting high class speakers from along the value chain of the automotive industry. Have a look at our speakers of EMCC 2017:

Speaker of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) Munich Franz Josef Radermacher University of Ulm and Research Institute FAW/n Ulm

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Franz Josef Radermacher

University of Ulm and Research Institute FAW/n Ulm

Dr.-Ing. Mario Porrmann

Academic Director of Cognitronics and Sensor Systems, Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology, Bielefeld University

Rinat Asmus

AUTOSAR Project Lead, BMW Group

Speaker of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) Dr. Jochen Härdtlein Robert Bosch GmbH

Dr. Jochen Härdtlein

Software Architecture and Resource Management, Robert Bosch GmbH                                              

Speaker of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) Munich Stefan Kuntz Continental Automotive GmbH

Stefan Kuntz

Group Leader, Division Powertrain, Engine System, Continental Automotive GmbH

Speaker of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) Sebastian Kehr Denso Automotive

Sebastian Kehr

Senior Engineer,                                                       Denso Automotive                           

Speaker of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) Munich Peter Sommerlad FHO HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil

Prof. Peter Sommerlad

FHO HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil

Speaker of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) Armin Stingl iSYSTEM AG

Armin Stingl

Systems Engineer,

Speaker of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) Rudolf Grave Elektrobit Automotive

Rudolf Grave

Software Architect AUTOSAR, Elektrobit Automotive

Speaker of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC) Munich Eugene Yip Timing-Architects Embedded Systems GmbH

Dr. Eugene Yip

Senior Research Engineer, Timing-Architects Embedded Systems GmbH

Michael Hohmuth

CEO & Co-Founder, Kernkonzept GmbH

Christian Feldmann

Senior Director Automotive Microcontroller Application and Concept Engineering, Infineon Technologies AG

Michael Wong

Head of Delegation of the ISO C++ Standard


Agenda 2017

08:30 Registration and welcome coffee

09:00 Welcoming and opening remarks of the EMCC 2017

by Erol Simsek, CEO, iSYSTEM AG

09:15 Keynote: Automotive megatrends - just a hype?

by Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Franz Josef Radermacher, University of Ulm and Research Institute FAW/n Ulm

  • Hypes drive science, technology, economy, and humans
  • Reality and responsibility of artifical intelligence
  • Engineers and technology change the world

10:00 Networking morning coffee and exhibition

SESSION 1: System architecture (Ariane Maack, Timing-Architects Embedded Systems GmbH)

10:45 The importance of hardware models in developing applications for MSoCs

by Stefan Kuntz, Continental AG

  • The challenges with multi-core SoCs 
  • The role of hardware models 
  • A seamless and integrated approach 

11:30 L4Re Microhypervisor: Towards a dynamic service architecture for automotive applications

by Dr. Michael Hohmuth, Kernkonzept GmbH

  • Trends in automotive software applications: Dynamic service provisioning,
    ECU consolidation, highly complex applications (e.g., autonomous driving) 
  • Safety and security requirements 
  • Why future automotive applications need flexible and dynamic systems, not static partitioning 
  • Automotive hypervisors: Challenges and solutions

12:15 Insights in an automotive central computing cluster

by Rudi Grave, Elektrobit Automotive 

  • Introduction into central computing cluster requirements 
  • Presentation of architecture safety integrity approaches including
    hypervisor and multiple operating systems 
  • Debugging, logging, and tracing mechanisms 

13:00 Networking luncheon and exhibition

SESSION 2: System development (Rudi Grave, Elektrobit Automotive)

14:30 Software architecture patterns for parallel software

by Prof. Peter Sommerlad, FHO HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil 

  • How can you partition software, so that such current or future parallel hardware is optimally employed? 
  • Applicable design patterns for practically relevant problems and corresponding proved solutions 
  • A brief glimpse on how to avoid accidentally sequencing code execution on parallel hardware or even worse stepping into “Undefined Behavior” 

15:15 The future of Heterogeneous and Parallel Programming for Self- Driving Cars

by Michael Wong, ISO C++ Standard

16:00 Networking afternoon coffee and exhibition

16:15 AUTOSAR adaptive platform and classic platform multi-core improvements

Rinat Asmus, BMW Group as function of AUTOSAR spokesperson


  • Autonomous driving: The AUTOSAR adaptive SW platform 
  • AUTOSAR classic platform: multi core-improvements 

17:00 Closing remarks of the day

by Erol Simsek, CEO, iSYSTEM AG

17:30 Evening Event: Meeting point

18:00 Evening event: BMW World

We take you out to an informal evening in the futuristic „BMW World“ to enjoy first class dinner and network with all participants in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Download Agenda as PDF

8:45 Morning coffee

09:10 Short welcoming and overview of the day

by Prof. Dr. Martin Hobelsberger, University of Applied Sciences Munich 

09:15 Keynote speech: Neuromorphic computing – Disruptive technology for automotive applications?

 by Dr. Mario Porrmann, Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology Bielefeld University 

  • Artifical neural networks – from simple perceptrons to deep learning 
  • Hardware platforms for neuromorphic computing – from multi-cores to massively parallel architectures 
  • Application areas and future directions of self-learning systems 

SESSION 3: Continuous integration & qualification (Prof. Dr. Martin Hobelsberger, University of Applied Sciences Munich)

10:00 ARTI (AUTOSAR Run-Time Interface) – the future of AUTOSAR OSaware debugging and tracing

by Armin Stingl, iSYSTEM AG

  • What and who is ARTI? 
  • Challenges for debug, trace and profiling within the world of AUTOSAR 
  • What’s the status of ARTI? 
  • The impact on software development tools 

10:45 Networking morning coffee and exhibition

11:15 Large scale distributed integration in multi-core software development

by Dr. Joachim Fox, TRW Automotive Lucas Variety GmbH

  • Continuous integration 
  • Partitioning/Freedom for interference 

12:00 Networking luncheon and exhibition

SESSION 4: System architecture II (Jens Harnisch, Infineon Technologies AG)

13:30 SW distribution based on context-aware interoperability

by Dr. Jochen Härdtlein, Robert Bosch GmbH

  • Tool-supported distribution (for real-time SW) 
  • (Extended SW specification for) Context aware interoperability 
  • Multi-/Many-core 

14:15 Multi-core – Continuity across generations

by Christian Feldmann, Infineon Technologies AG

  • Hardware architecture options to resolve limits of scalability 
  • How to ensure scalability of software for multiple generations of multi-core systems 

15:00 Networking afternoon coffee and exhibition

15:30 Pulling the trigger: practical considerations when applying the time-triggered approach to embedded multi-core systems

by Dr. Eugene Yip, Timing-Architects Embedded System GmbH

  • Comparing the event-triggered and time-triggered concepts 
  • Challenges in applying the time-triggered approach to embedded multi-core systems 
  • Evaluating time-triggered systems with the TA Tool Suite 

16:15 Energy-aware Parallelization of AUTOSAR Legacy Applications

by Dr. Sebastian Kehr, Denso Automotive

  • Migration Methods 
  • Exploiting the AURIX‘s energy-saving potential 
  • Practical experiences 

17:00 Closing remarks of the day

by Prof. Dr. Martin Hobelsberger, University of Applied Sciences Munich 



18:00 Evening Event: Bavarian beergarden

We take you out to an informal networking get together to one of Munich‘s most beautiful beer gardens. Enjoy this bavarian tradition of „Brotzeit und Bier“. 

Download Agenda as PDF

Workshop Day

  • Learn about synchronous tracing of multiple ECUs 
  • Gain insights on how to do analysis of inter-ECU event chains and on demonstrations of new hardware and software features 
  • Discuss best-practices learned from various multi-core projects 

09:00 Multi-core software design and verification

by Felix Martin, Timing-Architects Embedded Systems GmbH

  • From multi-core to multi-ECU: automatic data flow analysis and timing verification of multiple ECUs and the intermediate network 
  • Modelling and simulation of multi-ECU systems and the intermediate network 
  • Optimization of the ECU configuration for a multi-ECU system

10:30 Networking morning coffee

10:45 Multi-core in an AUTOSAR environment

by Rudi Grave, Elektrobit Automotive

  • Basic software (BSW) distribution 
  • Partitioning 
  • Global time synchronization between ECUs

12:15 Networking luncheon

13:15 Using trace for timing measurements on a multi-ECU system including OS, runnables and network

by Armin Stingl, iSYSTEM AG

  • Advanced AUTOSAR profiling including OS, runnables and RTE ports 
  • Correlated trace of software and CAN bus 
  • Synchronization of software traces from multiple ECUs by means of common network trace

14:45 Networking afternoon coffee

15:00 Programming close to hardware for best performance

by Jens Harnisch, Infineon Technologies AG 

  • Migrating from AURIX 1G to AURIX 2G 
  • Considerations for performance measurement
Download Agenda as PDF

Our Partners

Elektrobit Automotive is one of the partner companies of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC)
iSYSTEM AG is one of the partner companies of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC)
Infineon is one of the partner companies of the Embedded Multi-Core Conference (EMCC)


EMCC 2016 Photos

EMCC 2015 Video

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Previous Agendas

Download Agenda 2015 as PDF Download Agenda 2016 as PDF

Packages & Pricing

EMCC Conference Day 1+2

Attend the EMCC conference to hear interesting talks and get in touch with the multi-core experts of the automotive industry within the first two conference days. You will have the opportunity to discuss with them the latest trends in the field of embedded multi-core systems and learn about solutions to overcome the multi-core challenges.



Price per attendee: 890,00€

EMCC Conference + Workshop: Day 1-3

Book all three days to join the conference talks as well as a workshop day, where

  • you learn about comprehensive solutions to design, develop, test and verify multi-core systems
  • leading experts from solution providers, users in the field and chip vendors are answering your individual multi-core questions and discuss current challenges in series development
  • you gain valuable insights on best-practices for your next multi-core project


Price per attendee: 1.190,00 €


Register for the EMCC 2017

Register today for the EMCC 2017 in Munich and enjoy three days of interesting talks, expert discussions, and a technical workshop. We are looking forward to welcome you there.

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Venue & Accommodation

The Embedded Multi-Core Conference will take place in Munich, Germany. The conference hotel “The Courtyard by Marriott Munich City East” is located in Haidhausen the vibrant district of Munich. We picked a hotel for superb taste with modern and colorful interior design, first-class service, international and regional restaurants, in a travel convenient location of the Bavarian metropolis. Please contact the hotel directly for your accommodation needs and refer to our conference. For further information about the conference venue we are also happy to assist you!
The Courtyard by Marriott Munich City East Hotel, Orleansstrasse 81-83, 81667 München

Driving Directions Hotel Information



When will I receive my conference pass?

You will receive the conference material including your conference pass at the first day of the conference right at the sign-in desk.

What is the conference language?

The conference language will be English.

Is there an evening event?

Evening program including dinners is organized for both conference days.

Can I still register for the workshop at the conference venue?

It is not possible to register for the workshop day at the conference venue. The workshop has to be booked prior to the conference.

Are the meals included at the conference?

During the conference and workshop we will offer you a nice lunch buffet and several smaller coffee breaks with snacks, which are all included. The evening events also include a dinner and drinks on EMCC expenses.

How can I get to the venue?

The conference hotel “The Courtyard by Marriott Munich City East Hotel” is located in Haidhausen, a district of Munich. It is a travel convenient location and can be reached by public transportation as well as by car.

If you take your private car, the hotel offers parking slot for 20Euro per day. 

For more detailed information click here.

Are there rooms reserved for conference attendees?

The EMCC blocked rooms for attendees at our conference hotel. However, please contact the hotel directly for your accommodation needs by using the following e-mail address and state the key word EMCC 2017.




How can I get additional information about the conference?

For more information please contact our EMCC Team via



Come and meet the experts on multi-core development!
If you have further question, do not hesitated to contact us! We will get back to you as soon as possible. We are happy to answer your questions and also finalize your booking!

Embedded Multi-Core Conference

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